Cap Sherpa

If you are looking for support and guidance to climb the steep mountains of your business environment, if you need advice and resources to meet your objectives, then you may want to know more about the business Sherpas. This web site will give you all the informations you are looking for and probably the solution of your current challenge.



Our objectives is to deliver practical solutions that really impact your business. Some guide will explain you the way to the top and provide you with a detailed map. The sherpas go along with you, in good or in bad weather conditions. Your success is our success. We enjoy what we do when targets are achieved. By aiming for the impossible, we reach the best possible.




2011 was a tough year for lots of organisations. And 2012 doesn't look as bright as we'd like to. It's worth ensuring your processes are efficient and supporting your key objectives.

After a full focus during two years on the digitalisation of coupons, Cap Sherpa will add now new missions and enlarge its scope of operations. Helping businesses to face the challenging perspectives of 2012 and beyond. 





"On the mountains of truth, you never climb in vain" -

F. Nietzche


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